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Keeping It Real

Fashion was always the plan, but which direction and style to take- that was the big question. So we engaged women of different ages, communities, styles and mindsets to learn more about their fashion needs and beliefs.

We thought that women would tell us that they needed more articles of clothing or that they liked a specific cut. But instead we found that women, no matter how fashion savvy they were, felt uncomfortable talking about their fashion sense.

That’s when we knew that NOD wasn’t going to be about a specific style but rather about a space that is centered around the everyday woman and giving her the permission to own her style.

The NOD collections will always combine cool with class, simplicity with detail and comfort with fashion. The NOD collections will always be about you and the pieces you need to feel proud of your look.

We welcome you to this zone and invite you to keep this conversation going.
Email your comments, suggestions, pictures and questions to


Real Women

The NOD muse is the woman you just passed in the produce section, the fun-loving teen who is suddenly all serious about her mid-terms or the young mother in the park juggling two under three.

The NOD muse is you. Your style and way of throwing an outfit together is what inspires us.

As women, we are intrinsically created to be drawn to fashion, style and beauty. NOD does not seek to influence you, but to give you the courage to own what you already, naturally possess. 


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